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Note on tuition: – $800 Lab discount already applied!

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This course is for students taking the SHSAT in fall 2024. Our 23+ session program is perfect for 7th graders looking for a single program that will help build test-taking skills and reinforce content mastery.

This course features:

  • over 23 enrichment sessions spanning spring to fall 2024
  • 3 unique semesters of learning: Applications, Summer Practice, Reinforcement
  • live instructors with 5+ years’ postgraduate, relevant teaching experience
  • small teacher-to-student ratios

Here’s what a parent had to say:

“A huge thank you for preparing Charlie so well! You do a fantastic job keeping us parents informed on everything in such an organized manner and I think Charlie is going into Sunday’s SHSAT test feeling like he’s as ready as he can be and confident he’ll be able to handle anything that shows up.

My husband and I are impressed with you and grateful to you for getting us through this as smoothly as possible. Thank you!”

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Where can I review the recording from your presentation to the LAB community?

PLEASE NOTE - This webinar discusses our 4-semester program that started on 12/3/2023. We are currently enrolling for a 3-semester program starting on 3/27/2024, which does not include the first "Foundations" semester.

How do I enroll?

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Who is this course for? Will you host other programs later in the year?

This course is intended for 7th graders planning to sit for the 2024 SHSAT test dates.

We saw that 8th graders who took the SHSAT post-pandemic (2021 and later) generally underperformed students who took the test pre-pandemic. This is most likely the result of pandemic-related learning losses that have significantly reduced the reading and mathematics achievement levels of students across the city.

Private tutoring is always available for students who wish to supplement their in-class learning. Email [email protected] to get started.

What should my student expect from the course?

  • Applications (Spring 7th Grade - 8 Classes + 2 Practice Tests)
    • gives students the opportunity to apply the fundamentals to test-like questions and scenarios
    • reinforces concepts in 7th grade common core curriculum
    • introduces students to the test-taking strategies needed for success on the test
    • includes a diagnostic and two practice tests: a start-of-semester and end-of-semester practice test
  • Summer Practice (Summer between 7th and 8th Grade - 4 Practice Tests)
    • 4 realistic, live-proctored practice tests
    • each test includes a full score report, complete with a scaled score estimate and answer key
    • [optional add on] join our summer Practice Test Workshop for review sessions
  • Reinforcement (Fall 8th Grade - 6 Classes + 3 Practice Tests)
    • provides students the opportunity to build good test-taking habits
    • reinforces the concepts covered in Applications
    • includes three practice tests to help build confidence through experience

Is financial assistance available?

Scholarships (which require applications to qualify under BOTH need AND merit requirements) and installment payment plan availability varies. Please contact [email protected] so we may discuss your specific situation.

Where and when are classes and tests held?

  • Classes are held in-person, at 750 Lexington (Sundays from 3:00pm-5:30pm)
  • Tests are administered online via Zoom

What happens if I need to miss class or a test?

Let us know as soon as possible! If you need to miss a class, we will supply you with a video recording of that unit so that your student can obtain notes and complete the necessary homework assignments before the next lesson. If you need to miss a test, we can supply you with an At Home Proctoring Video to administer the test at a time that's more convenient. Your student will already have all of the necessary materials!

What materials are included?

Tuition includes one copy of all materials (replacement copies available at $100/copy). Students will receive:

  • Original and proprietary materials only available to students in our classes
    • 10-Session SHSAT Coursebook (Applications semester)
    • 9-Session SHSAT Coursebook (Reinforcement semester)
  • 4 officially released, DOE practice tests (Summer Practice semester)
  • Our best-selling workbook NYC SHSAT: 1200+ Practice Questions 
    • Includes 2 extra Practice Tests not used in class!
  • Virtual classroom portal access, where students and parents can:
    • submit homework
    • view progress
    • see homework results
    • review detailed practice test score reports

What are your COVID-19 policies and contingencies?

The safety of all program participants and staff is a top priority for us, so our policies will always be aligned with then-applicable guidance. The policies below supplement those outlined in our Terms and Conditions. By enrolling in this program, you acknowledge these policies, as well as the policies set forth in our Terms and Conditions.

  • Safety Requirements
    • We require all of our staff to be fully vaccinated, and will comply with then-applicable rules and regulations issued by valid governing authorities regarding staff vaccination requirements.
    • We will comply with and enforce then-applicable rules and regulations issued by valid governing authorities regarding student vaccination requirements.
    • We will comply with and enforce then-applicable rules and regulations issued by valid governing authorities regarding face coverings. As of this writing, all program staff and participants must wear appropriate face coverings. Snacks and beverages may not be consumed in classrooms or other learning settings.
    • We expect all families to consider their community and adhere to guidelines enforced by the NYC Department of Education (DOE), The NYC Department of Health (DOH), the administration of Lower Manhattan Community School (LAB), and by other governing agencies. This includes providing our team with information, like proof of vaccination status, or outcomes from COVID-19 test results, as requested, so that we may fulfill our related legal obligations.
  • Non-compliance
    • If your family is unable to comply with these requirements, your student's enrollment in this program may be terminated. At our sole discretion, you may be offered a seat in one-of our synchronous online programs (if there’s space; addition tuition applies), or your enrollment may be changed into an on-demand, asynchronous format.
    • No credits or other concessions will be issued for non-compliance.
  • Contingencies
    • If a student is precluded from attending school, that student is also precluded from attending that day’s programming. In that event, we will provide a complementary video recording of that class as a make-up class for the student to complete on their own. If a student isn't able to attend a practice test, we will instead provide access to our click-and-play proctoring video for the student to complete the practice test on their own. No credits will be applied in this event.
    • If our staff are unable to host in-person programming, we will inform families as soon as we are aware of the situation and will attempt to secure substitute staffing. If we are not able to secure substitute staffing, the program will be moved online. We will attempt to host the online program on the same day and time as the in-person program, but cannot guarantee that the day and time of an online program would be the same as the in-person program. In this event, we will also issue credits equal to the prorated difference between an online and in-person program, which will be valid through December 31 of this year and can be used toward other programming, like private tutoring, or summer SHSAT enrichment. The maximum credit will not exceed $200, the full tuition difference between an in-person program and an online version of this program.

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