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Workbooks FAQs
I received an old or damaged book from Amazon – what do I do?
Oh no! If Amazon sent you an older edition, or your book is damaged, please log into your Amazon.com account to request a free replacement from Amazon!
How do I purchase a workbook?
If you’re an individual user (like a tutor, parent, or student), you can get the best prices on our Amazon store. Links to each of our workbooks are provided in the Library above.
Where can I find answer explanations?​
Answer explanations are included for every workbook. Download them by navigating to our Library above, hovering over the book, and clicking “Download Explanations.”
Do you offer bulk pricing?
We do! If you’re making an order of fifty or more books, please contact us so we can discuss pricing and terms.
I think I may have found a mistake in your book. Can I tell you about it?
Please do! We work very hard to thoroughly proofread our books, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. If you find an error in one of our books, please let us know!
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