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Individual attention from out-of-this-world private tutors

Your student is unique. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach from a big-box tutoring company. Our one-on-one, in-home or online tutoring is the ultimate test-prep and supplemental educational service.

ISEE test tutoring


We’ll get to know who you are and what your goals are. Then, we’ll customize a path forward.

One-on-one SAT tutoring


In home, at school, or in a café, our tutors travel to you. Just let us know, and we’ll be there.

K-12 Tutoring


An hour a day, three days a week? Or three hours, once a week? We accommodate any schedule.

ISEE test prep tutor


Improving grades and scores is important. So too is building a life-long love of learning.

Private one-on-one tutoring


We aim to increase confidence and self-esteem. Say goodbye to anxiety, nervousness, and self-doubt!

SHSAT online tutoring


Tests aren't going away anytime soon (just ask your doctor, lawyer, or accountant). We help build skills that last a lifetime.

Save Time and energy

Skip the search. Our rigorous screening process works for you.

Don’t roll the dice trying out one tutor after another. We’ve already found the best educators so you don’t have to.

Our standards are so high that we hire fewer than 3% of applicants. See how our 5-step process saves you time and leads to the best possible outcome for your student.

Step 1: Screen

All candidates submit a detailed application package to us describing their expertise and experience.

At this first stage, we look for candidates who have:

  • at least five years of post-graduate, professional classroom teaching experience;
  • a strong track record of student success; and
  • excellent communication skills.
Step 2: Meet

Those candidates with exceptional applications are scheduled for a phone or video interview.

During this intial meeting, we:

  • discuss their experience and track record in detail;
  • learn about their teaching style, strategies, and philosophy;
  • assess their dedication to helping students learn; and
  • further gauge their communication skills.
Step 3: Deep-Dive

Very few candidates advance to meet our team for a second-round interview.

When we do meet with candidates, we:

  • assess their ability to evaluate and reevaluate understanding;
  • assess their ability to explain concepts understanding during multiple mock lessons;
  • evaluate their presence, professionalism, emotional intelligence, and patience;
  • confirm their subject-matter expertise with appropriate assessments; and
  • confirm their ability to communicate effectively with adults and children alike.
Step 4: Confirm

One of the final steps in our process is to confirm our evaluation. To do so, we reach out to the real world to make sure we’re not missing anything.


  • perform reference checks with supervisors and clients;
  • reevaluate a candidate’s in-person and online presence;
  • require content-based evaluations be completed to our satisfaction; and
  • conduct rigorous background checks.
Step 5: Manage

Our tutors are the face of our brand. After we invite applicants to join our team of tutors, we:

  • connect further on a personal level in-person or online;
  • review best practices to ensure the highest-quality service; and
  • align on expectations for before, during, and after tutoring sessions.
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Join the hundreds of families who trust us in one-on-one tutoring

We’re here to help with everything from private tutoring, and high-stakes testing to academic support.


It's harder than ever to stand above other applicants. A great test score - even at "test optional" schools - can make a big difference. Standardized testing is constantly evolving - our private SAT tutoring and ACT one-on-one tutoring services are designed to provide tailored support.


We grew up in NYC, and know the SHSAT like nobody else. The SHSAT is one of the only ways to guarantee a seat in a great high school in NYC. Work with SHSAT online tutoring or in-person tutoring along with our most experienced instructors for this high-stakes exam.


For students applying to independent day or boarding schools, we've got you covered no matter your student's grade. We provide

  • enrichment to applicants for middle and high schools
  • personalized planning and attention to SSAT and ISEE test tutoring
Advanced Placement

Get those coveted 5's and make a double degree in college that much easier to obtain.

Academic Support

We can assist with K-12 subjects including:

  • All STEM subjects
  • All humanities & social studies subjects
  • Specialty subjects like Philosophy or Foreign Languages
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Happy Families
Swati Khandelwal
Swati Khandelwal
28 March 2024
We liked the workbooks. Tutors are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Nice facilities. Prompt and efficient communication with staff.
Sruthi P
Sruthi P
28 March 2024
Rebecca Comella is an exceptional tutor! My 7th-grader had the privilege of working with her to prepare for the SHSAT and ISEE tests, and the results were outstanding. Rebecca has a remarkable ability to make learning fun and engaging, which kept Arya motivated and eager to learn. One of the things that stood out about Rebecca was her flexibility. Despite Arya's holiday travels, Rebecca was always accommodating, scheduling classes to ensure he stayed on track with his studies. This level of dedication and adaptability truly sets her apart. Thanks to Rebecca's guidance and support, Arya excelled in both tests and secured admission to one of the top NYC specialized schools. Beyond just exam preparation, Arya gained a deep understanding of math concepts that have proven invaluable in his regular school curriculum. I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough. Her expertise, passion for teaching, and commitment to her students make her an outstanding tutor. If you're looking for someone who goes above and beyond to help students succeed, Rebecca is the perfect choice. Thank you, Rebecca, for everything you've done for Arya!
Jairo Chung
Jairo Chung
24 March 2024
My daughter took the prep class for SHSAT with Tutorverse and had a very successful outcome. She benefited from the material prep class which worked as a foundation for the actual test prep. She received thorough feedback on the practice tests to learn how to improve her scores throughout her test prep. Highly recommend!
Christopher Riedl
Christopher Riedl
20 March 2024
Rebecca with Tutorverse was of tremendous help to our son in getting the scores he needed to get match with his first choice Brooklyn Tech! She really know spot on where he was trailing, what he needed to focus on and how to prepare in general. Over the months, together they morphed into the perfect study machine 🙂 I did not know how important it is to have the right tutor until we met her!
Jennifer Teitler
Jennifer Teitler
16 March 2024
My son had a terrific experience with Tutorverse. The classes provided a great grounding on the SHSAT test and helped him prepare leading up to it. Eric was very helpful and attentive. I highly recommend their services.
15 March 2024
I was recommended by my neighbor to try Tutorverse which I’m glad that I signed it up in the last minute. They provided practice test every weekend that help my son brushed up his test skills and also helped him to keep up his time. Practice makes perfect. At the end my son scored 627 which we are very happy about it.
Deirdre Dastous
Deirdre Dastous
15 March 2024
We highly recommend both The Tutorverse SHSAT group prep classes and individual tutoring. Our son started with Tutorverse in the winter of 7th grade and had a great experience. When we realized he would also take the HSPT, The Tutorverse found Eric Sepe for individual weekend tutoring sessions to help him prepare for that and solidify a few of his weaker areas for the SHSAT. Fast-forward and our son was offered a place at his top choice specialized high school, as well as a merit scholarship and invitation to the honors program at a top Catholic school. The Tutorverse is a great organization which cares about the students. Eric is phenomenal; an incredibly smart but also really nice guy whom my son looked forward to working with every week and gave him the confidence to ace his exams. - Deirdre Littlewood
Ali Iannuzzo
Ali Iannuzzo
15 March 2024
We met our son’s tutor, John Chismody, through Tutorverse. I cannot say enough good things about John! We looked forward to his weekly visits. He is smart, friendly, patient and dedicated. He explains concepts in a way that are digestible and so that the student understands the principles. It’s not just about getting to the answers for the sake of the test. My son walked away a smarter and better student, all around, after working with John. I have recommended John to friends, colleagues, and hope to have my daughter work with him as she prepares for her high school exams. I know folks like to see results. Learning alongside John, my son got into a specialized high school and honors programs at Catholic schools.
Steve Miller
Steve Miller
14 March 2024
Tutorverse was a great resource for our daughter. Their coursework is thorough and the scheduling is very organized which is helpful for a class bridging the spring of 7th grade, independent summer work, and the fall of 8th grade. There is also ample opportunity to review practice test performance for overall improvement. Best of all our daughter nailed the official test and got her first choice SHS. Thank you!
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz
14 March 2024
Rebecca is an excellent tutor. She was friendly, engaging, and truly helped our child not just improve scores but understand complex concepts. Highly recommended!
Still have questions?
One-on-One Tutoring FAQs
How does scheduling work?

We haven’t quite mastered time warp yet, but trust us to take care of finding a tutor for you that can work with your schedule. While the tutors do manage their own schedules, they are generally available after school and on weekends. We can accommodate families that request lessons before or during the school day as well.

Who will be my tutor? Do I get to choose?

We know you’re busy; that’s why we pride ourselves in being a full-service agency (no more slogging through hundreds of unvetted, online tutor profiles).

No matter who your tutor is, you can rest assured that you will be working with a patient, passionate, and empathetic professional who possess strong subject-matter expertise. And, all of our tutors have at least five years of relevant post-graduate teaching experience and at least a four-year degree.

We typically match tutors with students based on four factors:

  • the student’s needs and personality;
  • the family’s goals;
  • the tutor’s skills, experience, and personality; and
  • the location and availability of the student, family, and tutor.
Where does tutoring take place?

That’s up to you! Most of our students are tutored from the convenience of their own homes. However, if for some reason this won’t work (home is too distracting, or home is outside of our in-person service zones), we’ll do our best to find an alternative.

Our tutors have worked with students in school (either during or after school hours), in libraries, in coffee shops, or even in bookstores. When arranged in advance, and when space permits, we are also able to accommodate tutoring in our corporate offices as well.

We also work with students around the country using video chat platforms like Zoom or Classrooms!

How does online tutoring work?

We've been tutoring online since before it was cool (or necessary)! Tutors use the platform that works best for the student (typically Zoom). Both student and tutor are able to collaborate using the digital whiteboard while also seeing and hearing one another. Depending on the student's set up, he or she can also can communicate in writing using a stylus, mouse, or finger. This is perfect for working through tricky math problems!

Can you accommodate learning differences?

We work with many educators that hold advanced degrees in and are thoroughly experienced with various learning differences. When you register for tutoring, you'll have an opportunity to let us know about any learning differences your child may have.

Can you help with same-day tutoring emergencies?

We’ll do everything we can to help your family get a tutor, even if it’s a same-day (within 24 hours) request. Since our tutors are in such high demand, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to find a tutor for such a request. Please refer to our policies page for more information.

Can you guarantee a certain test score or admission?

While it is impossible for any tutor to guarantee a certain test score (and we strongly caution parents from hiring any tutor that does guarantee such a thing!), we work closely with both students and parents to make sure that they achieve their absolute highest potential score. We also offer several full-length practice tests throughout the year in order to gauge progress and help manage expectations.

Do you have a tutoring referral program?

You bet! We have a very generous tutoring referral policy. Please refer to our policies page for more information.

How does payment work?

Our agency handles all payments. There’s no need to pay or tip the tutors directly (phew!).

All payments for class tuition and tutoring packages are processed upon checkout.

If you choose our pay-as-you-go tutoring plan, the first hour of tutoring will be billed upon checkout and will be applied to your first hour of tutoring. After that, we’ll bill your card every two weeks for any charges incurred (tutoring, practice tests, etc.) based on the agreed-upon hourly tuition.

If you prepay for a package of hours, you'll pay when you check out, and we'll draw down on your prepayment like a credit on your account. When you're running low on hours, we'll reach out to let you know. If we don't hear from you, we'll continue billing at the default pay-as-you-go hourly tuition.

Don’t worry: we send a detailed receipt for all credit card transactions and prepayment activity!

For your protection, we don't store any credit card information on our site, and your transaction is protected by bank-level encryption.

Do pre-paid tutoring package credits ever expire?

If you purchased tutoring credits directly, the dollar value of those credits never expire. For example, if you purchased 10 hours of tutoring for $100 and only used 8 hours, your account would have a credit of $20 remaining. We would apply this credit toward any future purchases.

If you received tutoring credits as a result of a promotion (auction voucher, class, etc.), consult the terms and conditions printed or posted on the promotional material. In the absence of any printed or posted terms and conditions, all tutoring credits received must be redeemed by the end of the calendar year in which it was issued. Tutoring credits expire at the end of the calendar year in which they were issued.

How much does tutoring cost?
All tutoring is billed on an hourly basis. We offer pay-as-you-go plans as well as pre-paid packages of 5 or 10 hours. Tuition will vary depending on the subject-matter and tier of tutoring selected. To learn more, set up a free consultation!
What are the different tiers of tutoring?

Not all subjects and tests are created equal. Our tutoring tiers reflect both the subject-matter expertise required and the experience level of our tutors.

This is our base tier for Elementary (K-5) Academic Support and Common Core State Exams (3-5) tutoring. Tutors in this tier have a four-year degree and 5+ years of relevant, professional teaching experience.

This is our base tier for Middle School (6-8) Academic Support and Common Core State Exam readiness. It is also the base tier for SHSAT and TACHS/HSPT tutoring. All tutors in this tier have at least a four-year degree and 5+ years of relevant, professional teaching experience. To work with a tutor with even more experience for these areas, consider our Premier tier.

This is our base tier for High School (9-12) Academic Support, High School Test Prep, ISEE/SSAT tutoring, and SAT/ACT tutoring. All tutors in this tier have advanced degrees or 10+ years of relevant, professional teaching experience. To work with a tutor with even more experience for these areas, consider our Principal or Founder tiers.

Tutors in this tier can support any of the subjects and tests indicated above. Tutors in this tier have advanced degrees or 15+ years of relevant, professional teaching experience.

Our founder, Marcus, specializes in all levels of the ISEE and the SHSAT. He has been helping students prepare for these exams for over 20 years and is the architect of our best-selling ISEE workbooks and class curriculums.

Is The Tutorverse in my neighborhood?

The Tutorverse works with students all over the world. Our tutors are available to work with students in person in most Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods. Tutors are happy to travel anywhere within New York City provided that travel time does not exceed 30 minutes between appointments.

If a family lives more than 30 minutes outside of Manhattan, we will make every effort to find a mutually convenient location for sessions to take place. If you live in another part of the world, don't fret! Contact us to request an interactive online tutoring demo.