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SHSAT Poetry Clinic

Missed our summer Poetry Clinic? Check out our 6-hour, self-paced, video-based version!

Mission Math: Grade 8

High school readiness has never been as important as now. Use these Common Core-aligned question sets to be ready.

Exploration ELA: Grade 4

Invest now to develop your 4th grader’s reading comprehension skills and vocabulary! Try these passages and question sets to help.

Exploration ELA: Grade 5

ELA is going to start getting more challenging next year. Hone those literacy skills now with standards-aligned passages and questions.

Exploration ELA: Grade 6

Maximize these middle school years by building up the ability to read, think, and analyze critically. Work on these drills to help!

Exploration ELA: Grade 7

Master the art of contextual inferencing and other reading skills while promoting strong independent study skills. Get started today.

Mission Math: Grade 4

Develop those burgeoning math skills to create a strong academic foundation. Use these challenging question sets to help.

Mission Math: Grade 5

Middle school is on the horizon! Develop critical thinking skills and problem solving proficiency with these challenging question sets.

Mission Math: Grade 6

Improve your 6th grader’s math agility and problem solving power with challenging, standards-aligned question sets.

Mission Math: Grade 7

High school is right around the corner. Make sure your middle schooler is ready with high-quality, Common Core-aligned question sets.

Lower Level ISEE: All-Access Practice

The best in Lower Level ISEE practice is now available online. These 900+ online-exclusive questions are the perfect complement to our best-selling Lower Level ISEE: 1500+ Practice Questions workbook.

SHSAT At-Home Proctoring Videos

Taking an SHSAT practice test at home? This video walks you through all the steps, and provides helpful reminders and tips to maximize the experience. Standard and extended time available. 5-Day access for $4.99. FREE for students enrolled in our SHSAT courses.