Learn by doing

Fully-proctored practice tests

Maximize student potential

Calm nerves and reduce anxiety

Most of our students are nervous about high-stakes testing. Who wouldn’t be?

Year after year, students tell us that the experience of taking timed, proctored practice tests is one of the most helpful components of their study regimen.

SSAT Practice Test

Rest up and eat well - you're taking a practice SSAT! Our students tell us that taking practice tests helps reduce nervousness. We agree.

SAT Practice Test

Stand out from the crowd with a strong SAT score. Whether you’re just getting started or trying for a 1600, we can help with a fully-proctored practice exam!

ISEE Practice Test

Practice makes perfect - especially on a test as challenging as the ISEE. Register here to take a practice test!

SHSAT Practice Test

Getting ready for the SHSAT? Test your stuff with one of our fully-proctored practice tests.

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Practice Test FAQs
What am I signing up for when I sign up for a practice test?
Use this page to sign up for paper-based practice tests. These tests are proprietary and exclusive. Questions are not duplicated in any of our Workbooks. They're the perfect add-on for students preparing independently or with a one-on-one tutor.

Enrolled students will receive an email from one of our Education Experts. That email will include materials and instructions, including a lightly watermarked PDF to print, bubble sheets, and all necessary proctoring instructions and next steps for completing the test and receiving a score report.

Students enrolled in our Small-Group Classes and On-Demand Courses may automatically receive access to some or all of these practice tests. Not sure if you already have access to these tests? Just ask.
What are the differences between the different test locations?
Our in-person tests are live-proctored and supervised. Students will test in a group setting, including all of the distractions and inconveniences (think: tapping pencils and occasional coughs) they may encounter on test day. Students will be able to take their tests home with them; we'll keep the bubble sheet for scoring.

Online tests are similarly proctored and supervised, just via Zoom. Students will test from the comfort of home. At the end of the test, they'll submit their responses online for scoring.

At-home tests are self-proctored and self-supervised. For the most accurate results, we suggest having a responsible adult read instructions and monitor the testing experience. Like online testers, at-home testers will submit responses online for scoring.
Hey – my student has already already taken this test!
That's strange! We don't license our practice tests to any third parties, so it sounds like someone might be using our copyrighted materials without our permission.

Please send us a copy of this test and let us know where you received it. We'll take it from there.

Practice tests are non-refundable, but we will gladly send you a different test, or apply a credit toward a different purchase.
I signed up for a practice test but haven’t received anything!
We're so sorry for the inconvenience! Please check spam, and be sure to add email addresses from thetutorverse.com to your address book to ensure proper delivery of our communications.

It does take our team up to two business days to process orders. If you have not received an email by this time, please do let us know and we'll make it right.
Why are some of your tests offered digitally, but not others?
Wherever possible, we believe students should take practice tests in the same format as on test day. Some tests are offered digitally (the ISEE, for example) and others are offered exclusively on paper (like the SHSAT).

To provide the best possible preparation, we only offer practice tests in the same format that official tests are offered.
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