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SHSAT: On-Demand Course

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Some of the best high schools in the country are right here in NYC. And did we mention: they’re public schools! This test is no joke, and challenges even the best students. Join our Self-Paced SHSAT Boot Camp to master the content and test-taking skills needed for the test!

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  • view class recordings
  • read announcements, reminders, summaries, and homework by unit

Supplemental SHSAT Programs

Want extra supplemental SHSAT programs? Check out our Asynchronous Practice Test Workshops and Content Clinics!

      • Practice Test Workshops to get more timed, testing practice and review; and
      • Content Clinics to get targeted reinforcement in Poetry, Algebra, Geometry & Measurements, and/or Statistics & Probability!


What you'll get:

  • a structured live learning experience, including classwork and homework
  • access to live-class video recordings (through the official test date)
  • flexibility to pause and replay
  • exclusive companion curriculum developed in-house (shipped for a fee or free pickup)

What you'll need:

  • a pencil and eraser