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The SHSAT challenges the best and brightest. We’re based here in NYC, and we’re heavily invested in our community! We know the test like nobody else, and keep up on all of the latest developments.

Sign up for the only course your rising 7th grader needs for SHSAT readiness.

Course features:

  • expert instructors with 5+ years of teaching experience
  • 14 classes + 5 practice tests
  • 5 detailed score reports
  • both grade-level and test-aligned content
  • top-quality, exclusive course materials
  • video recordings of our expert instructors and their whiteboards


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How do I enroll?

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What's the best way to support students in this program? What do parents need to do?

Every student is different, and has different academic needs. Depending on the student, parents may wish, at a minimum, to:

  • set a study schedule to watch videos, complete homework, and review homework results
  • support navigation through the student's portal (where and how to click)
  • work through the early unit(s) together

For students that require extra support, parents may wish to:

  • schedule time to review homework results and missed questions in detail
  • ensure students re-attempt missed questions from homework and practice tests
  • engage students (with or without a private tutor) on challenging topics identified by homework results and practice test score reports

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for current 7th/8th graders planning to sit for the upcoming SHSAT. It works best for students who are self-organized and self-motivated, or for students who have the support of a qualified adult who can help them get started, maintain motivation, and answer questions.

Our one-on-one tutors are often engaged to help answer content questions that may arise.

What should my student expect from the course?

This On-Demand program is based on video recordings from our live online classes. Program participants will hear and see the instructor, as well as the instructor's interactions with students from class. This means participants will hear jokes, questions, and answers. Think of it like attending a live online class without a microphone :)

  • Applications (8 Classes + 2 Practice Tests)
    • gives students the opportunity to apply the fundamentals to test-like questions and scenarios
    • reinforces concepts in 7th grade common core curriculum
    • introduces students to the test-taking strategies needed for success on the test
    • includes a diagnostic and two practice tests: a start-of-semester and end-of-semester practice test
  • Reinforcement (6 Classes + 3 Practice Tests)
    • provides students the opportunity to build good test-taking habits
    • reinforces the concepts covered in Applications
    • includes three practice tests to help build confidence through experience

What materials are included?

Tuition includes one copy of all materials (replacement copies available at $100/copy). Students will receive:

  • Original and proprietary materials only available to students in our classes
    • 10-Session SHSAT Coursebook (Applications semester)
    • 9-Session SHSAT Coursebook (Reinforcement semester)
  • Our best-selling workbook NYC SHSAT: 1200+ Practice Questions 
    • Includes 2 extra Practice Tests not used in class!
  • Virtual classroom portal access, where students and parents can:
    • watch recordings of class lessons
    • submit homework
    • view progress
    • see homework results
    • review detailed practice test score reports
    • play proctoring videos to test independently

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