e-Book Library Membership for Educators

e-Book Library Membership for Educators


Thousands of students use our workbooks to prep for their admissions exams. As their tutor, you can now screen-share an e-book copy of our most popular workbooks and annotate using your favorite digital tools. Just added on 3/28/24:

  • HSPT Mathematics & Quantitative Reasoning: 1,300+ Practice Questions
  • HSPT Reading Comprehension, Verbal & Langauge: 1,700+ Practice Questions

Perfect for Online Tutors

  • Unlimited access to e-book copies of our most popular test-prep workbooks.
  • Screen-share friendly format means you and your student will always be on the same page: they’ll see what you see.
  • No more confusion: trust that you have the latest editions of our workbooks.

Intuitive Navigation

  • Looks like a real printed workbook.
  • Clickable links and Table of Contents makes navigation a breeze.
  • Save time by creating custom bookmark notes, savable in your browser cache for even faster navigation and lesson planning.

Convenient Collaboration

  • Annotate using your favorite tool – Zoom, Meets, etc.
  • Answer explanation PDFs conveniently paired with each applicable e-book.
  • Accessible from any internet connected tablet, laptop, or desktop (phones not recommended).

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$9.99 / month. $99.99 to activate.

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Check out the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions below. Remember: full Terms & Conditions apply.

What's included in this membership?

Enjoy access to e-book copies of our most popular printed test-prep workbooks for the duration of your membership. Access includes:

  • the latest editions of each workbook, updated automatically
  • screen-share friendly layout, to facilitate online tutoring
  • easy navigation and clickable table of contents
  • personalized note-taking and bookmarking features, to facilitate lesson planning
  • unlimited access from your membership-enabled account via an internet-connected device (downloading and offline access not possible)

As of July 2023, e-book copies include the latest editions of the following titles:

  • SHSAT 1,200+ Practice Problems
  • The SAT 1,500+ Practice Problems
  • Lower Level ISEE 1000+ Practice Problems
  • Middle Level ISEE 1000+ Practice Problems
  • Upper Level ISEE 1500+ Practice Problems
  • Elementary Level SSAT 1000+ Practice Problems
  • Middle Level SSAT 1000+ Practice Problems
  • Upper Level SSAT 1500+ Practice Problems

Due to pre-existing arrangements, not all workbooks may be represented. From time to time, additional workbook titles may be added. If we need to remove a workbook, we'll let you know with as much notice as possible.

How much does the membership cost?

Your membership consists of an activation fee as well as a recurring fee as outlined above.

The activation fee is due when you first enroll and covers your first month's subscription. If you cancel and start up again, a re-activation fee at the then-applicable rate will be due.

The recurring fee will be processed to your saved payment method once per period. If we aren't able to process the recurring fee, your membership will be cancelled, and you'll need to re-activate.

We may adjust these fees at anytime, and will provide you with as much notice as possible about any changes to recurring fees.

Please review full Terms & Conditions governing the use of and fees associated with this service. 

How does the Notes feature work?

The Notes feature allows you to add your own personal notes to the ebook. These notes are visible only to you (and who you screen share with), and not to any other reader who might be using the ebook. Once a note is added, you can see it again the next time you open the ebook. This is a great way to plan for the pages you want to review with your student, jot down important notes for your lesson, or simply mark the place where you'd like to be able to access quickly and easily. You can also see a complete overview of all the notes you've added to each ebook! You can even color code your notes!

IMPORTANT Notes that you add are only available in the browser in which they were created (they're stored in your cache). If the ebook is opened in a different browser, no notes will be available in the different browser, but would still be accessible in the original browser (where they were first created). If you delete your browser cookies or clear your browser cache, all of your notes will be irretrievably and irrevocably lost. Notes are not saved on our servers, and are only saved on your local device; if lost, THEY CANNOT BE RECOVERED.

How do I pause or cancel my membership?

If you need to take a break, you can cancel your membership anytime from your My Account page.

Remember: if you cancel and start up again, a re-activation fee at the then-applicable rate will be due.

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