UL ISEE Proportions (II)

UL ISEE Proportions (II)

In this assessment, you will encounter a number of different questions that will assess both your understanding of mathematics and your ability to reason quantitatively.


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Do not use a calculator in this assessment. You shouldn’t need one to answer these questions, and the extra practice with arithmetic (long division, multi-digit multiplication, etc.) will just make you a better math student!

Once you input your answer, click on “Check” to see immediate feedback about the question, including an explanation. You can also skip the question and come back to it later.

Some questions (Quantitative Comparisons) will ask you to compare two quantities. Follow the directions on screen for those questions.

Multiple Choice

  • You will see several answer choices, but only one will be correct.
  • Select the correct answer choice.


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  • These aren’t basic math questions – they’re tricky! Read closely and make sure you know what’s being asked.
  • Do calculations on paper with a pencil. You don’t get extra credit for answering in your head!
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