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One-on-One Tutoring FAQs
How does scheduling work?
We haven’t quite mastered time warp yet, but trust us to take care of finding a tutor for you that can work with your schedule. While the tutors do manage their own schedules, they are generally available after school and on weekends. We can accommodate families that request lessons before or during the school day as well.
Who will be my tutor? Do I get to choose?
We know you’re busy; that’s why we pride ourselves in being a full-service agency (no more slogging through hundreds of unvetted, online tutor profiles).

No matter who your tutor is, you can rest assured that you will be working with a patient, passionate, and empathetic professional who possess strong subject-matter expertise. And, all of our tutors have at least five years of relevant post-graduate teaching experience and at least a four-year degree.

We typically match tutors with students based on four factors:
  • the student’s needs and personality;
  • the family’s goals;
  • the tutor’s skills, experience, and personality; and
  • the location and availability of the student, family, and tutor.
Where does tutoring take place?
That’s up to you! Most of our students are tutored from the convenience of their own homes. However, if for some reason this won’t work (home is too distracting, or home is outside of our in-person service zones), we’ll do our best to find an alternative.

Our tutors have worked with students in school (either during or after school hours), in libraries, in coffee shops, or even in bookstores. When arranged in advance, and when space permits, we are also able to accommodate tutoring in our corporate offices as well.

We also work with students around the country using video chat platforms like Zoom or Classrooms!
How does online tutoring work?
We've been tutoring online since before it was cool (or necessary)! Tutors use the platform that works best for the student (typically Zoom). Both student and tutor are able to collaborate using the digital whiteboard while also seeing and hearing one another. Depending on the student's set up, he or she can also can communicate in writing using a stylus, mouse, or finger. This is perfect for working through tricky math problems!
Can you accommodate learning differences?
We work with many educators that hold advanced degrees in and are thoroughly experienced with various learning differences. When you register for tutoring, you'll have an opportunity to let us know about any learning differences your child may have.
Can you help with same-day tutoring emergencies?
We’ll do everything we can to help your family get a tutor, even if it’s a same-day (within 24 hours) request. Since our tutors are in such high demand, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to find a tutor for such a request. Please refer to our policies page for more information.
Can you guarantee a certain test score or admission?
While it is impossible for any tutor to guarantee a certain test score (and we strongly caution parents from hiring any tutor that does guarantee such a thing!), we work closely with both students and parents to make sure that they achieve their absolute highest potential score. We also offer several full-length practice tests throughout the year in order to gauge progress and help manage expectations.
Do you have a tutoring referral program?
You bet! We have a very generous tutoring referral policy. Please refer to our policies page for more information.
How does payment work?
Our agency handles all payments. There’s no need to pay or tip the tutors directly (phew!).

All payments for class tuition and tutoring packages are processed upon checkout.

If you choose our pay-as-you-go tutoring plan, the first hour of tutoring will be billed upon checkout and will be applied to your first hour of tutoring. After that, we’ll bill your card every two weeks for any charges incurred (tutoring, practice tests, etc.) based on the agreed-upon hourly tuition.

If you prepay for a package of hours, you'll pay when you check out, and we'll draw down on your prepayment like a credit on your account. When you're running low on hours, we'll reach out to let you know. If we don't hear from you, we'll continue billing at the default pay-as-you-go hourly tuition.

Don’t worry: we send a detailed receipt for all credit card transactions and prepayment activity!

For your protection, we don't store any credit card information on our site, and your transaction is protected by bank-level encryption.

Do pre-paid tutoring package credits ever expire?
If you purchased tutoring credits directly, the dollar value of those credits never expire. For example, if you purchased 10 hours of tutoring for $100 dollars and only used 8 hours, your account would have a credit of $20 remaining. We would apply this credit toward any future purchases.

If you received tutoring credits as a result of a promotion (auction voucher, class, etc.), consult the terms and conditions printed or posted on the promotional material. In the absence of any printed or posted terms and conditions, all tutoring credits received must be redeemed by the end of the calendar year in which it was issued. Tutoring credits expire at the end of the calendar year in which they were issued.
How much does tutoring cost?
All tutoring is billed on an hourly basis. We offer pay-as-you-go plans as well as pre-paid packages of 5 or 10 hours. Tuition will vary depending on the subject-matter and tier of tutoring selected. To learn more, set up a free consultation!
What are the different tiers of tutoring?

Not all subjects and tests are created equal. Our tutoring tiers reflect both the subject-matter expertise required and the experience level of our tutors.

This is our base tier for Elementary (K-5) Academic Support and Common Core State Exams (3-5) tutoring. Tutors in this tier have a four-year degree and 5+ years of relevant, professional teaching experience.

This is our base tier for Middle School (6-8) Academic Support and Common Core State Exam readiness. It is also the base tier for SHSAT and TACHS/HSPT tutoring. All tutors in this tier have at least a four-year degree and 5+ years of relevant, professional teaching experience. To work with a tutor with even more experience for these areas, consider our Premier tier.

This is our base tier for High School (9-12) Academic Support, High School Test Prep, ISEE/SSAT tutoring, and SAT/ACT tutoring. All tutors in this tier have advanced degrees or 10+ years of relevant, professional teaching experience. To work with a tutor with even more experience for these areas, consider our Principal or Founder tiers.

Tutors in this tier can support any of the subjects and tests indicated above. Tutors in this tier have advanced degrees or 15+ years of relevant, professional teaching experience.

Our founder, Marcus, specializes in all levels of the ISEE and the SHSAT. He has been helping students prepare for these exams for over 20 years and is the architect of our best-selling ISEE workbooks and class curriculums.

Is The Tutorverse in my neighborhood?
The Tutorverse works with students all over the world. Our tutors are available to work with students in person in most Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods. Tutors are happy to travel anywhere within New York City provided that travel time does not exceed 30 minutes between appointments.

If a family lives more than 30 minutes outside of Manhattan, we will make every effort to find a mutually convenient location for sessions to take place. If you live in another part of the world, don't fret! Contact us to request an interactive online tutoring demo.
Small-Group Classes FAQs
How are your classes better than the rest?
We develop our own curriculum and content, we only hire experienced educators, and we keep student-teacher ratios small. We are leaders in the test prep publishing world with best-selling workbooks available to the general public. Our course curriculum and content are developed to complement these workbooks and aren't available publicly! Only students enrolled in our classes and courses receive access to this exclusive content. We don't hire high school or college students. Though there are many brilliant students out there, a successful class must be led by an experienced educator. There is no substitute for real-world experience. We staff teaching assistants to help teachers help with classroom management. They also keep the class on track by answering questions and providing challenge materials to students who need it. This way, the class is as personalized as possible for a small-group experience.
Who teaches your classes?
All of our teachers go through a rigorous 5-part interview process. A typical teacher will have 5-10 years of relevant classroom or tutoring experience. This means our teachers can properly manage classroom dynamics while moving through the curriculum. For larger classes, teaching assistants help manage behavior and logistics and also help students who require more attention.
How large are your classes?
Our private classes range from about 8 to 14 students. To make sure students receive as much individualized attention as possible in a classroom setting, we will always maintain a single-digit student-to-teacher ratio.
What if I need to withdraw from class?
We’re sorry to see you go but know that sometimes life happens. Please refer to our policies page for more information.
The class I want to register for isn’t open yet. Can you put me on a waitlist?
Absolutely! Send us an email and we’ll gladly put you on our mailing list for when our next registration rolls around.
Do you partner with schools or other organizations?
Yes! We often partner with schools and not-for-profits to provide programming for their students. In many cases, we are able to provide school-based tuition discounts, too! Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a partnership.
What happens if I miss a class or practice test?
We strongly encourage students to attend every class and practice test. Still, we know that sometimes life happens. If a student must miss a session, we may be able to help, depending on the student's class format and enrollment. With at least three days' notice, we may be able to offer students enrolled in live, in-person classes
  • a seat in a different live, in-person class (subject to availability)
  • a spot in a live, online class (subject to availability)
  • a video recording of a live, online class session
Similarly, with three days' notice, we may be able to offer students enrolled in live, online classes
  • a spot in different a live, online class (subject to availability)
  • a video recording of a live, online class session
Of course, private one-on-one tutoring is always available (additional tuition applies). Please note that no refunds or credits are offered for missed class sessions.
How do you use technology to help improve learning?
Technology should supplement learning. We use technology primarily to collect and analyze student performance on coursework, homework, and practice tests. Our teachers and tutors use this information to help tailor their teaching to the questions and topics their students need help with most.
Workbooks FAQs
I received an old or damaged book from Amazon – what do I do?
Oh no! If Amazon sent you an older edition, or your book is damaged, please log into your account to request a free replacement from Amazon!
How do I purchase a workbook?
If you’re an individual user (like a tutor, parent, or student), you can get the best prices on our Amazon store. Links to each of our workbooks are provided in the Library above.
Where can I find answer explanations?​
Answer explanations are included for every workbook. Download them by navigating to our Library above, hovering over the book, and clicking “Download Explanations.”
Do you offer bulk pricing?
We do! If you’re making an order of fifty or more books, please contact us so we can discuss pricing and terms.
I think I may have found a mistake in your book. Can I tell you about it?
Please do! We work very hard to thoroughly proofread our books, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. If you find an error in one of our books, please let us know!