Summer SHSAT Clinic Packages


Ideal for students enrolled in our 14-Week SHSAT Boot Camps or students who have previous SHSAT Enrichment.

Our Content Clinics provide students with an in-depth review of some of the more challenging concepts and topics on the SHSAT. These small group sessions allow our experienced instructors to address each student’s unique needs, while building mastery of the material needed to be successful on the test.

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2-, 3-, or 4-Week Summer SHSAT Workshops

The same Practice Test Forms are offered in 2 sessions. Practice Test Forms (A, B, C, D) DO NOT need to be taken in sequential order. The SAME Practice Test Form will be used for both sessions, so it is NOT necessary to sign up for all 8 sessions (for example, Test form A is the same for session 1 or 2).

All practice tests and workshops are held at 222 Broadway. Students must bring pencils, erasers, their copy of the practice test, and snack (optional).

SHSAT Workshop – Dates & Times:

Practice Test Form Session Group (Optional) Practice Test Workshop
A 1 7/13 7/16
B 1 7/20 7/23
C 1 7/27 7/30
D 1 8/03 8/06
A 2 8/04 8/07
B 2 8/11 8/14
C 2 8/18 8/21
D 2 8/25 8/28

*Practice test forms used will be the two official DOE practice tests and the two practice tests available in The Tutorverse SHSAT Workbook.

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