Summer SHSAT Practice Test Workshops

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Already in our SHSAT Boot Camp? Get get more timed practice with our Practice Test Workshops. Customize your own online summer schedule with convenient dates and times.

Workshops feature:

  • live proctors
  • officially released practice tests
  • enhanced score reporting
  • on-demand test-proctoring video (if you can’t make it to a test date)

Course Calendars – Click the link below to view the course calendar!

Click “More Information” below for FAQs and instructions on how to sign up.

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SHSAT Practice Test Workshops

Who are these workshops for?

These SHSAT Practice Test Workshops are ideal for rising 8th-graders who are already enrolled in our 14-Week SHSAT Boot Camp. Students who have received other SHSAT enrichment are also welcome to join.

These workshops are a great fit for students who need to work on their time management, or who are looking for an opportunity to review official practice test content in a class setting.

Where and when are workshops held?

All practice tests and workshops are held online via private Zoom meetings. Or, learn on your own schedule with our self-paced, asynchronous option.

Students must supply their own pencils and erasers (as they will need to do on the day of the real test). No calculators are permitted.

Workshop Dates

Practice Test Form Practice Test Review Session
A 7/6 7/8
B 7/13 7/15
C 7/20 7/22
D 7/27 7/29
A 8/03 8/05
B 8/10 8/12
C 8/17 8/19
D 8/24 8/26

What should my student expect from the workshop?

Students will have an opportunity to take a full-length practice test to work on their time management skills. After submitting the test, they will have the opportunity to review their work under the watchful eye of an experienced SHSAT instructor to learn from their mistakes, leading to improved test-taking strategy and overall score.

Each workshop consists of a FREE Practice Test and the related Review Session.

Free Practice Tests

  • 3 hours long
    • July & August Tests: Tuesdays from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • realistic, proctored, group exams

Each Practice Test Form (A, B, C, D) will be offered twice: once in July, and once in August.

Practice Test Forms can be taken in ANY order (i.e. tests DO NOT need to be taken A > B > C > D).

Practice test forms used will be the four official practice tests released by the DOE. If students have already taken some or all of these tests, and would like to review, they are still welcome to join the workshop to review! Please email us at hello@thetutorverse.com to let us know which forms your student has already taken so we can arrange his or her participation in the accompanying review session.

Review Sessions

  • 2 hours long
    • July Review Sessions: Thursdays from 2-4 PM
    • August Review Sessions: Thursdays from 10 AM-12 PM
  • targeted review of the associated practice test (tailored based on aggregate student performance in that session)
  • challenge material available for high scorers

All review sessions are led by one of our experienced SHSAT instructors.

What materials do we need for the workshops?

Tuition includes all workshop materials. Students must provide their own pencils and erasers, as they would on the actual test. No calculators are permitted.

All enrolled families will receive:

  • a copy of the exam in PDF format to print at home
  • a detailed score report after each practice test including a raw score breakdown, areas of strength and opportunity, as well as each students’ relative performance in comparison to the testing population
  • access to an online classroom portal, where students and parents can view the item-level details of their practice test results (correct/incorrect questions)

How do I enroll?

To sign up:

  1. choose the number of workshops you’re interested in (4 max, since there are 4 different tests)
  2. select the specific workshop dates you’d like to attend (be careful not to select the same test form twice – don’t choose both form A dates!)
  3. review and checkout

Or, click here to enroll in the self-paced, asynchronous option.

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