Summer SHSAT Content Clinics

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Already in our SHSAT Boot Camp? Get targeted reinforcement with our Content Clinics. Customize your own online summer enrichment with convenient dates and times.

Clinics feature:

  • live expert instructors
  • small teacher-to-student ratios
  • interactive Q&A
  • top-quality, exclusive materials
  • on-demand replays for each class (online exclusive!)

Course Calendars – Click each link to view the course calendar for that location, date, and time!

Click “More Information” below for FAQs and instructions on how to sign up.

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SHSAT Content Clinics

Who are these clinics for?

Our SHSAT Content Clinics are ideal for rising 8th-graders who are already enrolled in our 14-Week SHSAT Boot Camp. Students who have participated in other SHSAT enrichment programs or tutoring are also welcome to join.

If your student has not yet been introduced to the SHSAT, please email hello@thetutorverse.com so we can set up tutoring to familiarize your student with the test.

Where and when are clinics held?

All content clinics are held online via private Zoom meetings. Or, learn on your own schedule with our self-paced, asynchronous option.

Clinic Dates

Each clinic will be offered twice: once in July, and once in August. The same content will be used in each clinic, so do not sign up for the same clinic twice!

Clinic Topic Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
Poetry 7/5 7/7 7/09
Algebra 7/12 7/14 7/16
Geometry & Measurements 7/19 7/221 7/23
Statistics & Probability 7/26 7/28 7/30
Poetry 8/2 8/4 8/6
Algebra 8/9 8/11 8/13
Geometry & Measurements 8/16 8/18 8/20
Statistics & Probability 8/23 8/25 8/27

Clinic Times

July: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 AM-12 PM
August: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2-4 PM

What should my student expect from the clinics?

Each clinic will be led by our experienced SHSAT instructors, and:

  • consists of 6 hours of total classroom instruction during 1 week
  • spread across 3 sessions, each of which are 2 hours long

Clinic topics include:

  • Poetry
  • Algebraic Expressions & Equations
  • Geometry & Measurements
  • Statistics & Probability

What materials do we need for the clinics?

Tuition includes all instruction and course materials. Students must supply their own pencils and erasers, as they would for any other course and on the day of the test.

All enrolled families will receive:

  • a clinic packet created by The Tutorverse in PDF format to print at home
  • a detailed summary after each session including what was covered, homework assignments, and student’s exit ticket score

How do I enroll?

To sign up:

  1. choose the number of clinics you’re interested in (4 max, since there are 4 different topics)
  2. select the specific clinic dates you’d like to attend (be careful not to select the same topic twice – don’t choose both Poetry sessions!)
  3. review and checkout

Or, click here to enroll in the self-paced, asynchronous option.

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