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Common App Personal Statement

Your student has great things to say, and needs to put pen to paper. We’ll meet three times over Zoom to finalize a great essay. In our first Zoom meeting, we’ll get to know your student and brainstorm. At the end of our first meeting, your student will have a working draft essay. In our second Zoom meeting, we’ll work to refine that draft together. In our third and final Zoom meeting, we’ll review the finished essay together.

Supplemental Essays for Individual School Applications

This is your student’s chance to really stand out. In our first Zoom meeting, we’ll get to know your student, or skip right to the brainstorming/drafting (if we’ve worked on the Common App together already). If we’ve already worked together, we’ll have a final edited essay to review in our next Zoom meeting.

Support for your second through fifth applications at a discounted rate. Support for applications six and up offered at a further discount. Pricing available upon request.

Add-ons & Power-ups

Need a fast turnaround time? Select a Fast Track version to have a finished essay within a week.

Not fast enough? Select a Faster Track version to have a finished essay within 48 hours.

Need help proofreading or completing an application? Need a general writing coach for other essays or term papers? Or need extra assistance with application materials? We’ve got you covered. Pricing available upon request.

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