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The essay is the soul of a school application. 

Your EDitors will help to focus and highlight your student’s unique life experience, achievements, and, most important, personality. They’ll reveal your student’s voice and help craft a unique essay that is filled with feeling. By the end, you’ll have an essay that admissions officers will love to read and won’t forget.

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We’ve partnered with our colleagues at The EDit, published writers and experienced editors who can help your student bare that soul with eloquence and finesse. Learn more about The EDit here.

The Core Process

The EDit uses a three-step essay-crafting process (note that the writing process and timeline may vary slightly depending on which option you choose).

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  1. Prep

    After you sign up, you’ll be asked to share information with The EDit. This includes:

    • submitting the list of schools to which you’re applying
    • submitting your CV, student questionnaire, and parent questionnaire
  2. Collaborative Drafting

    The EDit will then schedule your first Zoom call, so you and your EDitors can get better acquainted. By the end of the call, you will have:

    • made a final decision on the essay topic
    • discussed the concept and structure of the essay, and begun collaboratively drafting
    • scheduled your next Zoom call
    • established subsequent next steps and due dates
  3. Polishing
    • Wrap up the essay, discussing any final comments, questions, or concerns on a Zoom call. If you’re continuing with supplemental essays, the process begins again.

A-La-Carte Options

Essay requirements will vary from school to school. Cover the most commonly requested essays with our Build-Your-Own options:

  • Parent Essays
    • one school’s parent essays
    • completed within two weeks
  • Student Essays
    • one student common essay
    • completed within two weeks
  • Student Supplemental
    • one school’s supplemental essays
    • completed within two weeks

Package Options

We know your family is busy. That’s why all of our packages are designed to result in a finished essay within just one week!

  • Fast Track Premium
    • one student common essay
    • PLUS supplemental essays for up to 3 schools
    • completed within one week
  • Fast Track Total
    • one student common essay
    • one school’s parent essays
    • PLUS supplemental essays for up to 3 schools
    • AND one peer/sibling recommendation + one thank-you note template
    • completed within one week

Need even more? Email us for a quote for:

  • student application support (activity sheets, etc.);
  • additional creative submissions (songs, poems, etc.)

By enrolling, you agree to the Terms & Conditions governing this service and our partnership with The EDit.


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