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  • answer keys, accuracy reporting, and time-spent analysis included
  • stanine score reporting included
  • unlimited retakes and retries

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    1,900+ Practice Questions

    Master the test format on five practice tests to build confidence. Become a subject-matter expert to ace even the toughest ISEE questions.

    • detailed answer explanations for each question
    • score reports and stanine estimates with each practice test

Have questions? We've got answers!

Who should utilize Digital Practice Tests?

  • Students taking a computer-based test should practice with material that’s similar to what they’ll see on test day. And, they should practice in a format that’s similar to what they’ll see on test day.
  • Our Digital Practice Tests do both. The Digital Practice Tests were developed with the same care and attention to detail as our paper tests. And, they allow students to practice navigating a computer-based testing format.
  • By administering practice tests in this format, educators and parents alike can ensure that, come test day, your student has no surprises! 

What tools can students utilize on these Digital Practice Tests?

Our Digital Practice Tests offer students a number of tools to help ensure that the time spent practicing is as realistic as possible.

  • Extended time: So much of test prep is getting used to the accelerated rate students are expected to complete problems. Practice with the actual time you’ll have on the test! Both approved extended-time options are available: double-time and time-and-a-half.
  • Elimination: Why leave it up to chance? By using our elimination tool, students can practice crossing out answers they know are incorrect to help narrow their options.
  • Mark questions for review: Spending a lot of time on a question? Mark it for review and return to it once you’ve completed the rest! This tool helps make sure that students are using their time as efficiently as possible, not spending too much energy (and time) on one problem!
  • Change your answers anytime before submitting: Realize an answer to an earlier question too late? Go back and change your answer! As long as you’re in the right section and haven’t submitted your exam yet, you can return to any question to correct your answer–just like on the real thing!
  • Practice outlining on paper: We don’t allow students to highlight and underline reading texts because we want students to build the habit of putting pencil to paper - even on a computer-based test. This helps build stronger reading comprehension skills over time.
  • Unlimited retakes: While the timer cannot be paused (just like on the real test), students are offered unlimited retakes to get at some of the test’s nastiest tricks.

What’s the difference between the Digital Question Sets and Digital Practice Tests

  • The Question Sets cover specific topics and allow students to focus their studies on their areas of weakness. Questions are NOT timed, and students can opt to view answer explanations immediately, before moving on to the next question. Educators and parents can pick and choose which topics students should work on.
  • Practice Tests give students the opportunity to rehearse a full-length test experience under timed conditions. There is an enforced timer, which cannot be turned off or paused. Answer explanations are only viewable after the entire test is submitted. Educators and parents CANNOT choose which topics students will work on - all content is mixed, like on a real test.

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How can students get the most out of these Digital Practice Tests?

  • We recommend students do their best to replicate actual test scenarios while taking their practice tests. Find a quiet place and make sure it’s cleared of all distractions (like televisions, phone, and music) so that your student can focus. 
  • Practice tests are most effective when paced evenly through a student’s prep. After taking a diagnostic test to identify areas for improvement, your student should take practice tests periodically throughout their study plan to help assess their progress!
  • For the essay portion of the test, we recommend students share their writing with a trusted tutor, parent, or teacher for constructive feedback. Remember–the essay is ungraded, but admissions officers use it to gain insight into a student’s personality, interests, and writing skill.

What does a Score Report look like? What does it mean?

  • When your student completes a practice test and clicks “view results,” they’ll see a score report that includes
    •  a raw score (the amount a student scored correct out of the total in that section),
    •  a percentile rank comparing their performance to other students who took the test, and 
    • a stanine score between 1 and 9. Stanine scores are reported on a scale of 1 to 9, with 1 being low, 5 being average, and 9 being high.
  • The score report also includes
    • a section breakdown allowing, showing how students performed on each section, and where applicable, how students performed on topics within each section
    • a detailed item level report with answer explanations for each question

No matter how you score, don’t be discouraged. Practice tests aren’t meant to serve as indicators of actual test performance, but as guides to help students recognize areas for academic improvement as they pursue their study plan. If you score high? Great job! Now, work on maintaining your momentum for the test date!

How long will I have access to the Digital Practice Tests?

You and your student will have access to the digital practice tests for 365 days, beginning on the date you purchase the material. After this time is up, the materials will be removed from your account.

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