Digital SAT Reading & Writing Question Sets


Gear up for the new Digital SAT with 350+ practice Reading and Writing questions!

Our Digital SAT Reading and Writing Question Sets include:

  • true-to-test, high-quality questions
  • detailed answer explanations for every question
  • computer-based practice available at home or on the go
  • unlimited retakes and retries
  • 365-day access

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Who should utilize Digital Question Sets?

Any student preparing for the SAT can make use of our Digital Question Sets. Since the SAT has gone digital, computer-based question sets have become a vital part of practicing for test day. Digital Question Sets help students practice with material that’s similar to what they’ll see on test day in a similar format.

The Digital Question Sets help students target specific areas. Students choose which problems they complete, and with no timer, students can focus on mastering the content itself.

Are the questions on the Digital SAT different from the ones formerly asked on the print version of the test?

The Digital SAT is more streamlined than the print test. The questions are too! For the Verbal section, reading passages are shorter, but more frequent. For Math, the College Board developed questions with calculator access in mind. While studying a traditional SAT book might still be helpful, it pales in comparison to digital practice.

How will the key features in the Digital Question Sets help on the real test?

Our Digital Question Sets offer students a number of tools to help them build familiarity with both the style, format, and content of questions they’ll see on the real test.

  • Eliminate wrong answers: Not sure of the correct answer? Mark it for review and return to it once you’ve completed the rest! This tool helps ensure students are using their time as efficiently as possible, not spending too much energy (and time) on one problem!
  • Practice outlining on paper: We don’t allow students to highlight and underline reading texts because we want students to build the habit of putting pencil to paper - even on a computer-based test. The SAT provides students with scratch paper, but only a limited amount; part of preparing for the test is learning to be economical with your note taking!
  • Mark questions for review: Not sure of the correct answer? Mark it for review and return to it once you’ve completed the rest! This tool helps ensure students are using their time as efficiently as possible, not spending too much energy (and time) on one problem!
  • Prepare with a test-accurate calculator and reference sheet: Part of getting ready for a digital test is practicing using the same tools you’ll use on the real thing! Practice using the DESMOS calculator and official SAT reference sheet!
  • Change your answers anytime before submitting: Realize an answer to an earlier question too late? Go back and change your answer! As long as you’re in the right section and haven’t submitted your exam yet, you can return to any question to correct your answer–just like on the real thing!
  • Get immediate feedback: Students can choose to receive immediate feedback when they submit an answer, meaning they can incorporate any learnings from their mistake into their following practice.
  • Unlimited retakes: Struggle with a unit? Take it again! Repeating a unit helps students learn from their mistakes and build confidence as they prepare for the actual test.

What are the technological requirements to get the most out of this product?

The cutting-edge in test prep doesn’t mean you need cutting-edge technology. All students need to access these materials is a laptop, a modern browser, and a strong internet connection!

Do the Digital Question Sets include practice tests?

There are no practice tests included in the Digital Question Sets. the question sets cover specific topics and allow students to target the topics that matter most to them. Questions are NOT timed, and students can opt to view answer explanations immediately, before moving on to the next question. Educators and parents can pick and choose which topics students should work on.

How do I enroll my student in this product?

  1. Click "Add New Student" or log in to select an existing student profile associated with your account.
  2. Click "Register Now" to be taken to the checkout page. You'll create an account for yourself and submit payment then.
  3. Once successfully submitted, a receipt will display and be emailed to you.
  4. Enjoy immediate access to your content by following the on-screen instructions.

What do parents need to do to support students working on these problems?

Students may be the ones taking the tests, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t help prepare! Parents can check student progress in the Digital Question Sets at any time by logging into their parent account and navigating to the Student Performance section of their account. Here, parents can check which units their student has completed, when the units were completed, and how their student has scored. Using this information, parents can help their students decide which units to take, which to retake, and more!

Many students learn better with an educator’s assistance. If you find your student needs further support, we recommend considering expert tutoring or our modular SAT Mastery classes!

How long will I have access to these units?

You and your student will have access to the digital practice tests for 365 days, beginning on the date you purchase the material–plenty of time to study! After this time is up, the materials will be removed from your account.


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