Regents-Based Content Clinics 2021

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Enrolled in Algebra I or Living Environment? Need a review of Math and Science topics?

These small-group content clinics are perfect whether your student is taking the Algebra I or Living Environment Regents or just needs a refresher.

Online classes feature:

  • small teacher-to-student ratios
  • live expert instructors
  • interactive Q&A and polling questions
  • 8 classes, each 2 hours
  • on-demand replays for each class
  • top-quality course materials

Here’s what a parent had to say about this course:

“You are the most interactive schooling [my kids] have had all week!! So thank you!! It is so helpful!!

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Regents-Based Content Clinics

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Who is this course for?

This course is intended for students currently enrolled in Algebra I and/or Living Environment. It is perfect for students who plan to take the associated regents exams.

Completing Algebra I now will ensure your student is able to take and complete Calculus before graduating high school.

Private tutoring is always available for students who wish to supplement their in-class learning. Email hello@thetutorverse.com to get started.

Where and when are the classes held? 

All classes will be hosted online via Zoom.us.

Please see the calendars above for dates and times.

Note: Class dates, locations, and times are contingent on minimum registration requirements. If we are unable to meet the enrollment requirement, we will reach out with other options.

What should my student expect from the course?

Our curriculum has been created to address content mastery as well as tips and tricks for success with Algebra I and Living Environment.

  • live instruction from real teachers
  • live answered Q&A
  • 8 sessions, each 2 hours long
  • weekly homework assignments

Sample Session Syllabus

  • Homework Review
  • Live Lesson and Demonstrations
  • Supported Practice
  • Independent Practice

What materials do we need for class?

Tuition includes all materials. Students will receive a digital copy of our:

  • 8-Unit Coursebook(s) (Algebra I and/or Living Environment)

These materials will be provided in PDF form to print at home or view digitally. Physical copies of the coursebooks are available for shipment for an additional fee of $19.99 each.

Class Course Schedule