ISEE (Upper) 2021

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Independent schools are the elite of the elite. To apply, many exclusive schools require that students take the ISEE. We teach students the content and strategies they need to succeed. Knowledge leads to mastery, and mastery leads to confidence.

Courses feature:

  • live expert instructors
  • 20 classes + 5 practice tests (50+ hours of instruction & practice)
  • small teacher-to-student ratios
  • interactive Q&A
  • top-quality, exclusive course materials
  • on-demand replays for each class (online exclusive!)

Here’s what a parent had to say about our ISEE Boot Camp:

“I researched several tutor services and classes and chose Tutorverse because they spent the time explaining the coursework, the ISEE process, exam, and grading. The Tutorverse was always available and prompt in responding to my emails and answering my questions regarding my daughter’s progress in class. Overall, The Tutorverse was wonderful and beyond my expectations!”

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*Calendars for our courses are shown below in Eastern time. The first 8 classes are 2 hours long, while the remaining 12 classes are 2.5 hours long.*

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20-Class Boot Camp

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for rising 8th graders (Fall 2021) who will be applying to independent schools for 9th grade (2022-2023). The in-person and online classes are great for all students, while the self-paced version of the course is better suited for self-motivated and highly organized students.

Private tutoring is always available for students who wish to supplement their in-class learning. Email hello@thetutorverse.com to get started.

Where and when are the classes and tests held?

Classes will be hosted:

  • online via Zoom Meetings, or
  • in-person at 222 Broadway, 120 Warren Street, or 750 Lexington
    • If, due to public health and safety policies, in-person classes must be converted to online classes and class size increases, pro-rated tuition adjustments will be processed for affected families to the card on file.

Please see the calendars linked above for locations, dates, and times.

Our self-paced class option allows your student to watch video recordings of the class sessions and complete the same classwork, homework, and practice tests as the students participating in our live course.

Please note: All dates/times/locations are tentative, subject to minimum enrollment requirements, and may be changed. If you sign up for a specific date/time/location and we are unable to offer it, we will gladly switch you into a different course, or provide you with a full refund.

What should my student expect from the course?

This course is a 20-week boot camp with two semesters.

  • Foundations, 8 Weeks (Spring of 7th Grade)
    • Gives students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the structure of the ISEE 
    • Reinforces and complements 7th Grade concepts needed for the ISEE and introduces students to select 8th grade content covered on the ISEE
    • Introduces students to the test-taking strategies needed for success on the exam
    • Includes a diagnostic assessment and a full-length practice test to:
      • provide a benchmark for the student’s current performance level
      • set growth goals
  • Advanced Content Mastery, 12 Weeks (Fall of 8th Grade)
    • reinforces concepts covered in the 7th grade Common Core Curriculum
    • teaches skills and content covered in 8th grade and beyond, and applies them to test-like questions in class and at home
    • includes weekly homework assignments
    • provides students the opportunity to build good test-taking habits
    • includes two practice tests to:
      • build confidence through experience
      • practice test-taking strategies in simulated settings

What materials do we need for class?

Tuition includes all course materials. All students will receive:

  • our best-selling workbook Upper Level ISEE: 1000+ Practice Questions
  • original and proprietary materials only available to students in our classes
    • 8 class ISEE Coursebook (Applications semester)
    • 12 class ISEE coursebook (Advanced Content Mastery semester)
  • 3 exclusive practice tests
  • virtual classroom portal, where students and parents can:
    • submit homework
    • view progress
    • see practice test and homework results

Do you have any incentives available for this program?

Yes! This class is eligible for cumulative referral rewards.

For every student you refer that completes our ISEE class, you’ll earn rebates towards your own student’s tuition! Here is our referral schedule:

  • first referred family: $150 back
  • second family: additional $200 back ($350 total)
  • third family: additional $250 back ($600 total)

For each subsequent referred family, your additional discount increases by $50, stacking onto that amount. So, if you refer 4 families, that’s $150 + 200 + 250 + 300 = $900 refunded from your tuition!  There’s no limit to the number of referrals made per family, so 4 students referred means you’ll effectively pay less than half price for the entire course!

Separate referral schedule for each course (e.g. ISEE vs SAT). Rebate is credited to the credit card on file after successful completion of paid course by both parties. Direct referrals only (i.e. if you refer Family A, then Family A refers Family B, Family B does not count towards your referral schedule).  In the case that a new family is referred by two separate existing families, the rebate will be applied to the first name credited on the registration form. Additionally, cumulative referral rewards are not applicable for semi-private classes or customized classes. 

Class Course Schedule
20 classes Apr 2021-Dec 2021
Self-Paced, any date or time
Online $3,735.00 $1,867.50
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