Pre-Alpha Registration

May 26, 2020
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Interested in our new online learning platform? You’ve come to the right place.

What’s on the platform now?

Right now, the platform contains hundreds of self-paced ELA and math enrichment questions.

These are challenging materials that are designed to help kids build the skills they need to succeed. Like our best-selling test-prep workbooks, the content on our platform is thoughtfully designed and developed right in NYC here by our team of educators. These questions are no walk in the park; they’re rooted in grade-level appropriate standards, but they’re tough.

Who is this platform for?

During pre-alpha, which we expect to continue through at least August 31, 2020, content will be geared toward 4-7th graders, but will also be useful for students in other grades, depending on the student’s level of achievement. During this time, access will be completely free of charge!

What else do I need to know?

This is service is currently in the pre-alpha phase, and is not yet available to the general public. This means your experience may change from time to time, as we make improvements and enhancements to the platform. Your participation is governed by our Terms & Conditions.

When and how do I sign up?

We’ll be launching pre-alpha access on a rolling basis to select families over the coming days. This helps us ensure the best possible experience for everyone.

To get pre-alpha access, please express your interest using the form below.

Then, we’ll email you with instructions when it’s your turn to enroll!