New year, new us!

December 27, 2021
Category: Communications

Welcome to our upgraded website!

We’re ringing in 2022 with brand new learning enhancements, more convenience, and even more content. We’re still fine tuning some of the details, so if you notice anything strange with your account, please let us know and we’ll get right on it! (Due to the holidays, we’re staffed a bit more lightly than usual, so it might take a little longer to get back to you – we appreciate your patience!)

Here are just some of the improvements to our Digital ISEE Question Sets & Practice Tests.

  • Eliminating Answer Choices
    • Process of elimination is an important strategy to perfect. Now, students can use a cross-out tool to eliminate answer choices.
      Available in both Question Sets & Practice Tests!
  • Practice Test Score Reports
    • Parents and Students who enroll in Digital Practice Tests will be able to view a stanine score report right from their accounts.
      Users who purchased access to Practice Tests prior to December 25, 2021 may see older versions of the Practice Tests in their accounts, which are denoted by the word “Legacy.” We’ve left these Legacy Practice Tests in your account so you can view previous attempt data. Please note that Legacy Practice Tests do not include Score Reports. When you are ready to take your next practice test, please take a non-Legacy (new) Practice Test to ensure that you receive a Score Report. You can access Legacy Practice Tests to view previous results, but we do not advise retaking these Legacy Practice Tests, as they are no longer supported and do not deliver the experience we intend.

  • Student Management
    • Parents can now add one or more Students into their account. Easily add, view, and edit Student profiles. View each Student’s progress and see score reports and reporting right from your Account.
      For users with access to Question Sets and/or Practice Tests prior to December 25, 2021, this feature has been temporarily disabled. This will allow users to continue with the experience they are already familiar with.

We’re so excited to bring you these (and many other) features. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Happy studies, and happy New Year!