ISEE Boot Camps

September 8, 2021
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Taking the ISEE this November, December, or January? Unlock your child’s potential with our all-inclusive ISEE intensive Boot Camp.

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Timed Practice + Test-Like Materials

To be successful on the ISEE, students need to master the test’s content and format. Our exclusive coursebooks and class curriculum guide students through what they need to know in order to ace the test. Proctored, timed practice tests are included, as are detailed score reports and stanine estimates.

Experienced, Hand-Picked Teachers

Our teachers aren’t just smart – they’re also experienced and effective subject-matter experts. We set a high bar for our students, as well as our educators. In fact, we hire fewer than 3% of applicants.

Small Class Sizes = More Learning

We keep classes small, and maintain a 7:1 (or better) student-to-teacher ratio. For classes of 7 or more, teaching assistants help keep the class moving while making sure students have their questions answered.

Cutting Edge Technology

Technology should enhance learning, not distract from it. We record lessons so students can rewatch them through their test date. Coursework results and answer keys are stored online so students can review and practice independently.

Stellar Reputation

Educators love our best-selling ISEE prep books. Parents love us for our great tutors and customer service. See what our families have to say.

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  • For the 2022-2023 school year, students in grade 12 have an expected graduation year of 2023. Students in grade 7 have an expected graduation year of 2028.