What am I signing up for when I sign up for a practice test?

Use this page to sign up for paper-based practice tests. These tests are proprietary and exclusive. Questions are not duplicated in any of our Workbooks. They’re the perfect add-on for students preparing with one of our one-on-one tutors.

Students testing live in-person at one of our offices will be given materials on site (students just need to bring pencils, erasers, and a bottle of water). Students testing live online via Zoom or independently using our proctoring video will receive an email from our team. That email will include materials and instructions, including a lightly watermarked PDF to print, bubble sheets, and all necessary proctoring instructions and next steps for completing the test and receiving a score report.

Students enrolled in our Small-Group Classes and On-Demand Courses may automatically receive access to some or all of these practice tests. Not sure if you already have access to these tests? Just ask.