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SHSAT ’20 @ 222 Broadway – Wednesday PM (Fall)

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Fall Unit 1 HW, Class Summary, and Reminders – 09.23.20

Unit 1 HW (pg. 71 in the purple coursebook):

Do not do your homework in front of the computer. Show all of your work on paper. Upload your responses to GradeCam when you are finished. 

Revising and Editing

    • Finish classwork from Revising and Editing – Unit 1. 

Reading Comprehension

    • Set a timer for 12 minutes. Try to complete the following section in your blue SHSAT workbook within the time limit. Once time is up, draw a line across the page wherever you are in the homework. Then, keep going until you finish all of the homework.
      • Passage “Cellular Solutions” (pg. 102-103)


    • Finish classwork from Math – Unit 1. 
    • Set a timer as shown for each question set. Try to complete the following sections in your blue SHSAT workbook within the time limits. Once time is up, draw a line across the page wherever you are in the homework. Then, keep going until you finish all of the homework.
      • Numbers #25-38 (pg. 164-165) – 20 minutes
      • Operations #10-15 (pg. 166-167) – 9 minutes
      • Percents #21-30 (pg. 170) – 15 minutes
      • Fractions #13-20 (pg. 172-173) – 11 minutes
      • Word Problems #6-10 (pg. 173-174) – 8 minutes
      • Factors, Multiples, Exponents & Radicals #26-30 (pg. 180) – 8 minutes

Class Summary:

The goals of this first unit were to align on expectations and discuss strategies that we’ll be applying and practicing throughout the rest of the course. If your child is feeling overwhelmed (we covered a lot of information!) – please offer him/her our reassurance. There are still 7 weeks to go, and we will have plenty of time to practice what we learned.

We started with an icebreaker and then proceeded with an overview of both the test, the course, and the course materials. We set expectations about both behavior and workload, and then discussed several test strategies (ask your child about READ and CLIP).

From there, we started our dive into Unit 1 content. We covered many grammar topics that elicited “ah-has” from students (identifying parts of speech, for example, is a basic but crucial skill that most students have difficulty with).

In reading, we worked through some strategies and passages. With many years of completing ELA state exams, most students felt more comfortable with this content than the grammar content.

In math, we began our review of core number sense concepts like prime factorization and working with decimals, fractions, and percentages. Student comfort with this material varied greatly; this course is a great way to brush up on those math skills from 7th grade in preparation for the new school year!

As always, material that we didn’t have time to review this week will be reviewed during the next unit.


  • Students have an SHSAT Practice Test on Saturday, September 26 at 9 AM at 222 Broadway.
    • Please have your student bring only their orange 6-Week Supplemental Materials book, a pencil and an eraser, as well as a face mask.
  • Complete the above homework assignments and submit in GradeCam by 11:59 PM on Monday, September 28.
  • If you need a video playback of Class 1, make sure you are logged into your Tutorverse website account and click the link is located at the top of the page.

Welcome Back! – 09.16.20

Welcome Back, 8th graders and parents!

We are excited for class to resume and to continue to support you in your preparation for the SHSAT. Believe it or not, the test is only 9 weeks away and we have a lot to cover in that short time. In class, we will continue to review content, but will more closely focus on test taking strategy and skill.

There are 3 full length practice tests this fall to provide students multiple opportunities to practice the strategies and skills discussed in class. Our ultimate goal is to make sure we build the confidence and the competencies needed for the SHSAT and beyond. Students will still have weekly homework assignments due in GradeCam and should come prepared to class with questions they want to review.

Important information for the first class and practice test is included below, so please read it carefully, and bookmark this page for easy access!

  1. When and where is the first class?
    • Wednesday, September 23 at 4 PM at 222 Broadway
  2. What should I bring to class?
    • Please bring a pencil, your purple and orange coursebooks, and your blue NYC SHSAT workbook from the spring semester.
    • If you have misplaced your blue workbook or need a new copy, please order a copy using this link before the first class!
    • After the first class, students should bring all 3 books to each class session!
  3. How do I find my homework assignments?
    • All homework assignments can be found in the back of your purple coursebook.
    • You can also find your weekly homework assignments listed on this website.
    • In GradeCam, when you open the assignment, a PDF should also open that includes the page numbers and questions related to that assignment.
  4. How do I find my practice tests?
    • All practice tests can be found in the orange Supplemental Materials coursebook.
    • We will always let you know when you have an upcoming Practice Test
    • Practice Tests will be held on Saturday mornings at 222 Broadway on the following dates:
      • September 26
      • October 10
      • October 24
Course FAQs

When is class? When are tests?

Check the calendar above. Our first class is on Wednesday, September 23, and all classes will be on Wednesdays from 4 PM – 6:30 PM at 222 Broadway.

Practice Tests will be taken on Saturdays at 222 Broadway. The Tutorverse has provided each family with an orange Supplemental Materials Coursebook. This book contains paper copies of each practice test and bubble sheets. Students will need to bring this book, along with a pencil, to all 3 practice tests.

What if I’m late?

At the 222 Broadway location, check in with building security, and we’ll meet you in the lobby. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled class time.

If you’re late, ask the security guard for a contact number, and staff will get you from the lobby. You can always call 646-582-6934 x2 if there’s any confusion.

What do I need to bring?

Each week, please bring to class:

    • SHSAT 6-Week Coursebook (purple cover)
    • SHSAT 6-Week Supplemental Materials (orange cover)
    • blue SHSAT 1200+ question workbook (purchased on Amazon prior to class)
    • pencils and erasers
    • any self-administered medications (inhalers, etc.)

What happens at the end of class or practice test?

Students will be dismissed according to the permissions granted upon registration. If you wish to change these permissions, we must receive such notice in writing (or must speak to an authorized parent/guardian on the phone during dismissal).

What if I need to miss a class or practice test?

Let us know a week before you need to miss class, and we can help you make up the work. We’ll do our best to help you reschedule to one of the other classes.

If you will be absent on a practice test day, we can have you take the test at home on your own using our Proctor Testing Tool. Beyond this, we handle each situation on a case-by-case basis.

Is there homework?

Of course! Showing up for class is important, but just coming to class won’t help. Taking a test – especially one like the SHSAT – is an important skill, and like any skill, it can be improved through practice. Homework is a time to practice what we learn in class. The amount of homework increases as we progress through the course. We’ll start off easy, and finish strong. Remember: it’s not just about getting the homework done; it’s about doing it right and practicing what we learn in class.

Parents: we need your help to make sure that students are doing their homework!  We will be utilizing a platform called GradeCam, which will allow you to monitor your child’s progress even more closely. GradeCam login information will be sent to you in a separate email on 09.16.2020.

Homework can be found in the back of the purple coursebook.

What if I misplace my course materials? 

If your child misplaces his or her workbook (blue book), you can purchase a new copy on Amazon.

If your child misplaces his or her coursebook (purple or orange book), please email to receive a digital replacement. Physical replacement copies are $100 per book.

What happens if a student’s conduct has a negative effect on the learning environment?

A safe, conducive learning environment is paramount. The instructor has the capability to remove an attendee from the online class session if necessary. Please review our class policies to learn more.

What if I still need help?

No problem! Fill out the support ticket below – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!